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Nursing Scholarships
By Marcus Peterson

Nursing is a field in great demand. With growing needs, the health services and other agencies require highly qualified and trained nurses each year. But whether you are studying to be a nurse or qualifying yourself further, funding is a great challenge.

What you need to do is get your facts right and find out what your options are. The first option is to approach FAFSA at the institution where you want to study or are already studying. This is on a first-come first-served basis, so be sure to complete the formalities early.

Do your research well but keep your eyes open for scams. Look up the federal trade commission warnings about scholarship scams. Remember to contact your local nursing association, the state boards of nursing, and the American Nurses Association at They have tons of guidance as well as information on nursing grants and scholarships. Another valuable online search is , where many opportunities are listed.

There are many nursing scholarships and grants available, from federal grants to private funding. There are scholarships offered by schools of nursing, scholarships funded by agencies with specific criteria, by trusts, corporations, as well as individuals.

The criteria for eligibility vary from college to college but would generally be: applicants must be seeking admission to the first year or advanced studies in nursing, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, be dedicated to nursing, and have a professional attitude as well as immense amounts of positivity. Requirements would include college transcripts, letters of recommendation, an essay stating why the student chose nursing as a profession, and information of citizenship, ethnicity, and family financial status.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has instituted a “nursing scholarship program” where in exchange for two years of service the scholarship will give tuition, fees, other expenses like books, clinical supplies, laboratory expenses, as well as a monthly stipend.

To be eligible for a grant or scholarship, you must be clear what your goals are, what are the qualifications you plan to work for, and how much funding you need. Based on this you would need to make a list of eligible scholarships and then fill in the applications correctly, completely, and on time.

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