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Scholarships For College Students - No Student Loans
By Ruby Houston

When it comes to going to college most students have two choices: get a student loan or find a scholarship. Of course the lucky ones will have parents who will pay for their education in full, however this is a rare situation and the reality is that most students really want to study and endure financial hardship to do so.

Say No to Student Loans

One thing I am adamant about is not getting a student loan. I did not get one and I don't recommend other people do so. Even if that means putting off your studies for 6 months or a year until you find a suitable scholarship - it is well worth it when you don't have the cloud of debt hanging over your head from a loan.

Federal Student Loans

There are of course federal loans which are lower interest than other types of lender's student loans. But these have to be repaid eventually too. And there are limits concerning how much financial helps students can get with federal student loans. Many are determined by financial need only so are not suitable for a lot of people who do not meet the strict criteria.

Other Options for College Funding

Besides a loan you should be looking at ways to fund college that doesn't result in long term debt. Of course, the best way is with a scholarship or a grant in which the money is given to you and you are not required to repay it.

A scholarship search will quickly reveal hundreds of opportunities that you can apply for. Aim to apply for at least 30 scholarships so that you can increase your chances of being successful with one or more of them.

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